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The Particularity of POE Switch in Wireless Monitoring Transmission


As we all know, with the increasing number of wireless monitoring projects, there are many devices on the security market that are using POE switches for power transmission. Is the use of common switches or POE switches? Presumably most people will choose the latter. Why do you say this? Certainly some people will have questions and do not understand this statement. The editors here tell everyone that the answers to this kind of answer have been revealed in the editor's popular language. 

POE also has a term called LAN-based power supply system. Sometimes, in some cases, it is referred to as Power over Ethernet. This is a standard specification for the simultaneous transmission of data and electrical power using existing standard Ethernet transmission cables. Some Ethernet systems and user compatibility. 
Then talk about the advantages of POE switches in outdoor wireless monitoring equipment: 

First, the POE power supply device and the video transmission can be completed with the same cable, not only saving space, but the device can also move anywhere. 

Second, it saves the cost of materials and labor costs. POE switches need 2 pairs of network cables between cameras to transmit camera network numbers, audio signals, control signals, and alarm signals at the same time. At the same time, they can supply power to the camera without pulling the power cables and installing them. The transformer saves the cost of materials such as power cables and transformers. 

Third, as long as POE power supply equipment is connected to a device that requires power supply, the voltage of the Ethernet cable will exist, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line. 

To sum up, the outdoor wireless bridge monitoring equipment is easy to handle because of the POE power supply device, and the construction is convenient, safe, stable, and expandable, saving material and cost. In the fields of military construction, safety protection, safety supervision of building construction, cultural and sports entertainment, etc., there is a wide range of development prospects, and the development process of all walks of life has been promoted.

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